Message status

Use the Dashboard to check the status of a message.

This page describes the statuses you’ll see when you’re signed-in to GOV.UK Notify.

If you’re using the Notify API, read our documentation for a list of API statuses.

Message statuses – emails
Status Description
Notify has sent the message to the provider. The provider will try to deliver the message to the recipient for up to 72 hours. Notify is waiting for delivery information.
The message was successfully delivered. Notify will not tell you if a user has opened or read a message.
Email address does not exist
The provider could not deliver the message because the email address was wrong. You should remove these email addresses from your database.
Inbox not accepting messages right now
The provider could not deliver the message. This can happen when the recipient’s inbox is full or their anti-spam filter rejects your email. Check your content does not look like spam before you try to send the message again.
Technical failure
Your message was not sent because there was a problem between Notify and the provider. You’ll have to try sending your messages again.