Send files by email

Notify offers a safe and reliable way to send files by email.

Upload a file using our API, then send users an email with a link to download it.

Notify uses encrypted links instead of email attachments because:

  • they’re more secure
  • email attachments are often marked as spam

Protect personal information about your users

When the recipient clicks the link in the email, they will need to enter their email address. Only someone who knows the recipient’s email address can download the file. This security feature is optional.

You can also choose the length of time that a file is available to download. When deciding this, you should consider:

  • the need to protect the recipient’s personal information
  • whether the recipient will need to download the file again later

How to send files by email

This is currently an API-only feature. You’ll need a developer on your team to set it up for you.

To send a file by email, follow the instructions in our API documentation.