Terms of use

These terms apply to your service’s use of GOV.UK Notify. You must be the service manager to accept them.

When using Notify

You must:

  • complete your organisation’s information assurance process (you do not need to include Notify or our delivery partners, we’ve already done that)
  • tell us immediately if you have any security breaches
  • keep your API keys secure
  • get the right levels of consent (to send messages and to use data)
  • not send unsolicited messages, only ones related to a transaction or something the user has subscribed to be updated about (check the Service Manual if you’re not sure)
  • send messages that meet the GOV.UK Service Manual standards for writing text messages and emails
  • check that the data you add to Notify is accurate and complies with data protection legislation

If you do not keep to these terms, we might have to stop sending your messages.

Notify will:

  • send all the messages you pass to us, as long as they meet our guidelines
  • show how Notify is performing (through our performance and status pages)
  • keep your data secure
  • give you one month’s notice by email if we change our terms of use or delivery providers

Leaving Notify

You can contact us at any time to close your account.

Check our privacy notice to find out how long we keep your personal data.