Edit and format messages

This page explains how to:

Format your content

You can see a list of formatting instructions on the edit template page:

  1. Go to the Templates page.
  2. Add a new template or choose an existing template and select Edit.

Email templates can include:

  • headings
  • bullets
  • inset text
  • horizontal rules

Letter templates can include headings and bullets.

Notify does not allow bold, italics, subheadings, underlined text or different fonts. This is because they can make it harder for users to read what you’ve written.

When composing an email or text message, write URLs in full and Notify will convert them into links for you.

You cannot convert text into a link. Research shows that people like to check a URL looks genuine before clicking the link in an email. This is hard to do if the URL is hidden behind clickable link text.

We do not recommend using a third-party link shortening service because:

  • your users cannot see where the link will take them
  • your link might stop working if there’s a service outage
  • you can no longer control where the redirect goes