Text messages

Send thousands of free text messages to UK and international numbers with GOV.UK Notify.

Create an account and try Notify for yourself.


Notify makes it easy to:

  • create reusable text message templates
  • personalise the content of your texts
  • send and schedule bulk messages

You can also integrate with our API to send text messages automatically.

Receive text messages

Let people send messages to your service or reply to your texts.

You can see and reply to the messages you receive when you sign in to Notify. If you’re using our API, you can set up your own automated processes to manage replies.

Contact us to request a unique number for text message replies.

Show people who your texts are from

When you send a text message with Notify, the sender name tells people who it’s from.

See how to change the text message sender.


Each service you add has an annual allowance of free text messages.

See pricing for more details.