Who can use Notify

GOV.UK Notify is available to:

  • central government departments
  • emergency services
  • local authorities
  • the armed forces
  • the NHS
  • GP surgeries
  • state-funded schools

If you work for one of these organisations but get an error when you try to create an account, contact support.

GP surgeries

NHS-funded GP surgeries can use GOV.UK Notify, but they:

This is because GP surgeries will soon be able to use NHS Notify to send messages.


If you’re doing work for a public sector organisation you can use GOV.UK Notify.

Someone from the public sector organisation you’re working with needs to set up the account. Then they can invite you as a team member.


GOV.UK Notify is not available to universities.


GOV.UK Notify is not currently available to charities.

Members of the public

The GOV.UK Notify service is only for people who work in the government or other public sector organisations.

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