The GOV.UK Notify roadmap shows the things we’re working on and when we hope to have them ready for you to use.

Notify is in public beta. This means it’s fully operational and supported, but we’re regularly adding new features. The roadmap is a guide to what we have planned, but some things might change.

You can contact us for more detail about these features, or to suggest something else you’d like Notify to offer.

Sending and receiving messages

February to March 2018

  • Sending pre-compiled text messages and emails through templates
  • Sending of pre-compiled letters

April 2018 onwards

  • Additional letter formatting options
  • Customised expiry time for text messages
  • Distributed delivery of notifications over a period of time
  • Automated content scanning for banned content
  • Checking mobile numbers are valid before sending
  • Sending of pre-compiled text messages and emails without templates
  • Publishing patterns for effective notifications
  • Saving work in progress/draft templates
  • Exploring other channels (Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Push Notifications)

Managing your account

February to March 2018

  • Caseworking interface
  • Organisational view of service activity

April 2018 onwards

  • Allow multiple teams within a service
  • Add NHS and Parliament email sending domains
  • Let service owners to update team members phone number or email address
  • Let teams to enable or disable features themselves
  • Retire version 1 of the API
  • Add public endpoints for usage and reporting
  • Self-service access to invoices
  • Additional payment methods for teams using Notify