The GOV.UK Notify roadmap shows the things we’re working on and when we hope to have them ready for you to use.

Notify is in public beta. This means it’s fully operational and supported, but we’re regularly adding new features. The roadmap is a guide to what we have planned, but some things might change.

You can contact us for more detail about these features, or to suggest something else you’d like Notify to offer.

October to December 2018

  • Email documents to your users (using the interface)
  • Add two-factor authentication for documents emailed to your users
  • Send emails using NHS and Parliament addresses
  • Let service managers change team members’ phone numbers and email addresses

January to March 2019

  • Distribute the delivery of a batch of messages over a number of hours
  • Specify how long Notify will try to deliver a text message for
  • Scan incoming and outgoing messages for banned content
  • Provide usage and reporting data via the API
  • Save work in progress/draft templates

April 2019 onwards

  • Offer more ways to pay for Notify usage
  • Publish patterns for effective emails, text messages and letters
  • Check mobile numbers are valid before sending text messages
  • Retire version 1 of the API