The GOV.UK Notify roadmap shows the things we’re working on and when we hope to have them ready for you to use.

It’s only a guide and things might change.

You can contact us for more detail about these features, or to suggest something else you’d like Notify to offer.

Sending and receiving messages

We’re working on new features so that you can:

  • allow services to get text messages replies via the API (November 2017)
  • posting delivery receipts to services (December 2017)
  • sending of pre-compiled letters (January 2018)
  • customising the expiry time for text messages (February - April 2018)
  • sending of pre-compiled text messages and emails (February - April 2018)
  • distributing delivery of notifications over a period of time (May 2018 onwards)
  • Automated content scanning for banned content (May 2018 onwards)
  • Checking mobile numbers are valid before sending (May 2018 onwards)

Managing your account

We want to offer the functionality for:

  • allow service owners to manage team members details (February - April 2018)
  • allowing people to request to join a service (February - April 2018)