The GOV.UK Notify roadmap shows what we’re working on and some of the things we’ve done.

The roadmap is only a guide. It does not cover everything we do, and some things may change.

You can contact us if you have any questions about the roadmap or suggestions for new features.

Things we’re working on



  • Let services upload their own logo for emails and letters
  • Design reusable content patterns for text messages
  • Research how we might host Notify ourselves when it’s time to replace GOV.UK Paas


  • Make it easier for organisations to find the usage data they need
  • Explore ways to share common content patterns
  • Meet our targets for accessibility
  • Add multilingual letter templates so services can provide information in several languages
  • Make it easier to start using Notify

Things we’ve done

Recently we have:

  • worked with services to reduce the cost of their text messages
  • rewritten our billing code to handle more complex logic
  • user tested changes to the way we send files by email
  • continued upgrading our software dependencies
  • started work to reduce the time it takes our webpages to load