GOV.UK Notify will print, pack and post your letters for you.

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Notify makes it easy to:

  • create reusable letter templates
  • personalise the content of your letter
  • send bulk mail

You can also integrate with our API to send letters automatically.

Choose your postage

Notify can send letters by first or second class post.

First class letters are delivered one day after they’re dispatched. Second class letters are delivered 2 days after they’re dispatched.

Letters sent before 5:30pm are dispatched the next working day (Monday to Friday). Royal Mail delivers from Monday to Saturday, excluding bank holidays.

Upload your own letters

You can create reusable letter templates in Notify, or upload and send your own letters with the Notify API.

Use the letter specification document to help you set up your letter, save it as a PDF, then upload it to Notify.

Read our API documentation for more information.


It costs between 30p and 76p (plus VAT) to send a letter. Prices include:

  • paper
  • double-sided colour printing
  • C5 size envelopes with an address window
  • first or second class postage

Letters can be up to 10 pages long (5 double-sided sheets of paper).

See pricing for more details.