Send an unlimited number of emails for free with GOV.UK Notify.

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Notify makes it easy to:

  • create reusable email templates
  • personalise the content of your emails
  • send and schedule bulk messages

You can also integrate with our API to send emails automatically.

Email branding

Add your organisation’s logo and brand colour to email templates.

See how to change your email branding.

Send files by email

Notify offers a safe and reliable way to send files by email.

Upload a file using our API, then send your users an email with a link to download it.

Notify uses encrypted links instead of email attachments because:

  • they’re more secure
  • email attachments are often marked as spam

This is an API-only feature. You’ll need a developer on your team to set it up for you.

Read our API documentation for more information.

Add a reply-to address

Notify lets you choose the email address that users reply to.

Emails with a reply-to address seem more trustworthy and are less likely to be labelled as spam.

See how to add a reply-to address.


It’s free to send emails through Notify.

See pricing for more details.